Conso Local

To eat local and seasonal, is to reconnect with those who feed us,

to find the freshness of the food and the flavors of the soil.

Les Gaillardises de l'Ubaye are committed to a local and local approach.

The fruits come from surrounding orchards, in a course circuit (less than 100km)

Apples, pears, cherries, peaches ... come from producers in the Theus Valley

(sustainable agriculture) next to Gap 05, A relationship of trust has been established with

Bernard and Nicolas from Domaine de l'hermitane It is they who offers us the fruits when they are fully mature.

Individuals also offer us the surplus of their gardens such as raspberries, currants, blackcurrant

which complement our small production in Bayasse. Figs come from Manosque (private gardens)

when the climate allows it. Years when we refuse to make jams when fruits are not at the rendezvous

This year 2016 no queen-claude and no quince either, The dried fruits that make up our specialties are

chosen for their freshness and control of their provenance (nuts of a co-operative of Grenoble). The pumpkins

are organic (not labeled) as well as our red fruits Other fruits are also according to the years.

Our production follows the seasons but also what nature offers us.

This is how we are often out of stock Our range is quite wide (50 references)

so that you can find a jam that will delight your taste buds.

Esprit Parc

The pickings are done in our Vallon of ovens supplemented by the pickings of the walkers.

Bayasse is "an open market" Only the season does not last !!!!

It is then necessary to pick, to collect while respecting the Nature Here is our objective!

Eat local and artisanal? It's common sense basically, for a return to sense and pleasure ...

of all the senses. Good tasting !