Logo Gaillardises

Master words: passion generosity, creativity 

When I create my jams, I feel like a painter

and put in my basin the ingredients of an alchemy.

My goal: to feast the taste buds, to disconnect computers from childhood

(often associated with blackcurrant, raspberry and apricot)

and offer a journey of unique and personal tastes and flavors.

Les Gaillardises de l'Ubaye, a company on a human scale, family and local.

My jams and candied flowers are made by me in my farm

at 1800m altitude, in the Mercantour Park,

at the foot of the Col de la Cayolle,

in the Alpes de Haute Provence, in Bayasse (04)


For fruits

To obtain a jam of quality, the selection of the fruits is

paramount. It must be rigorous and privilege the fruits to

healthy appearance and perfect maturity. Relying on a network

from local suppliers, regional fruit supply

is done live, or by our production in small red fruits

(raspberries, blackcurrants, currants).

For confits

Wildflowers are picked up in spring (that of the high

mountain) in May and June around my house.

The plants we pick are mostly from the

picking in the natural environment. It's the strong link to nature and more

specifically to the plant world, which drives our desire to make

picking wild plants (not wild picking

of plants ...). The génépi is cultivated with respect for nature.

Weeding is manual at 1800m altitude. On the site,

we systematically take care to leave about a third of the

existing population to promote renewal and reproduction

in situ. If necessary, we will only return to this site

two or three years later.

The making

Bassine a confiture

Fruit preparation

The fruits are worked manually and in small quantities to preserve

all their aromas. Before cooking, they are macerated with the sugar in

Stainless steel bowls at least for 12 hours.

The cooking is done in the old fashioned way, in copper cauldrons

with a capacity of 5 L and controlled thanks to the measurements

the temperature of the thermometer and checking the sugar level with

refractometer. The sugar level must be between 63 and 65% so that the

product is well preserved (we do not add any preservatives).

Our history


2014: after saying "goodbye" to my job as an educator

and after having other professional lives

(bank, real estate, wealth management,) I decided

to be my own employer. Passionate about jams

since always, Epicurean, loving the challenges I launch.

2015: first summer season positive feedback from customers.

          Website creation with great collaboration

                           of my son Christophe.

          Setting up the Facebook page


2016: Define the definitive logo and labels

          (INCO standards) and the commercial strategy with

                              my second son Lionel

2017: Finalist Talents Gourmands PACA in

                                      the category Craftsmen

Talent Gourmand

11th at the world championship of jams

            @confituriades de Beaupuy with

                             Cherries with elderberry flowers


16th at the world championship of the best

             jam @ order of the master confituriers

             with Moji'pêche.


Détour en France

2017: Marked "Spirit National Park" by the Mercantour Park

                            for candied flowers and Wild Eglantine

Mercantour EcotourismeEsprit Parc

Following the "Talents Gourmands"

The chef Frédéric Payan (Haute Provence Gourmande)

created two dishes with my products:

Goat's dome in the heart of

"pepper confit pepper Espelette"

and roasted figs with hibiscus confit.

Frédéric Payan

2018: One of the 250 best craftsmen in France

for the Bottin Gourmand.

Bottin Gourmand

Along the markets, beautiful meetings

helped to give Gaillardises de l'Ubaye

a true brand image,

The small confiturerie is solicited by the media

Dauphine, Provence, Le Bottin Gourmand magazine

and Detours in France referenced me

in their articles in 2016 and 2017.

 Le Dauphiné

2016, a commercial approach with

gites and tables d'hôte of his region

for breakfast jams.

Gite de france

Many shops in the 04 05 and 06

distribute my jams.

Manufacture of more than 45 kinds of jams and confits of flowers and vegetables and some chutney according to recipes perpetuated by tradition (fruit and sugar and "passion")
fine-tuned by Béatrice BELLON as her discoveries and experimentations, gift boxes for Christmas (cheese accompaniment kits, foie gras accompaniment)
For all other events "flavors of flowers" and a calendar of Advent in jam to wait for Christmas without forgetting the box "pallets of Ubaye"
to discover or to discover the whole range of gaillardises of the Ubaye.
In 2017, Gaillardises de l'Ubaye produced nearly 6,000 jars of jams and jellies (small-scale artisanal production)


Current activity

Our premises are in Bayasse at the foot of the col de la Cayolle I receive you from May to November in my farm
You will find on the Barcelonnette market on Wednesday and Saturday morning
Monday morning of the summer on the place of the town hall in Barcelonnette with the producers of the Valley of the Ubaye
With the Chamber of Crafts of 04 on some Flavors Markets in the department
In designer markets in the 06
Slow food in Gap ....
Slow Flood