For the pleasure and the well-being of all, Les Gaillardises de l'Ubaye chose to favor local production and economy. In fact, attentive to the environment and concerned about the health of its customers as well as the pleasure of their palate Les Gaillardises de l'Ubaye favors not only a supply of French fruit but also a local supply of fresh fruit arrived at full maturity (especially those of our partner producer Domaine de l'Hermitane located in Romellon 05). Some fruits are for convenience of frozen convenience. Our containers are made of recycled glass Our waste (fruit peels are composted by us and used to fertilize our production of raspberries, currants and currants on our land at 1800m altitude in Bayasse
Our pickings are in the countryside on land at the edge of the Mercantour Park. We only take what we need to make our confits. In case of need of dried flowers we buy from resellers of dried flowers BIO by focusing on short circuits.